NDIS High Intensity Supports in South East Melbourne

When individuals with high support needs require specialised support and assistance, NDIS high intensity supports play a crucial role in providing comprehensive and tailored services.  Are you in search of high intensity support for NDIS for yourself or your loved one?

Defined Community Care is proud to serve participants in all suburbs of South East Melbourne with dependable support for all their needs. For a person with a disability, the level and quality of assistance with self-care activities are crucial for their well-being. Our team is equipped with the necessary skills and expertise to offer level 2 high intensity support services tailored to your requirements.

What is High Intensity Support?

NDIS high intensity supports refer to a range of services specifically designed for individuals with significant and complex support needs. These supports provide intensive NDIS assistance with daily personal activities and self-care tasks. The NDIS plan reviewer and manager can decide on the needs for high intensity support and may include the same in the plan. These are specialised support services that are provided by highly trained support workers and nursing staff.

High intensity Support Services include:

  • Dysphagia support

  • Respiratory support

  • Nutrition support

  • Diabetes management support

  • Continence support

  • Wound and pressure care support

  • Podiatry support

  • Epilepsy support

Don’t find the support or assistance that you require listed here? Call our team and discuss the NDIS high intensity support that you or your loved one require and we can assist you regarding the same. Various individualised supports that we provide are based on the unique requirements of the person living with a disability. They are aimed to provide assistance and relief to the person and also make them more independent.

The support is provided for the period as specified in the NDIS plan and until the usual care provider can provide the assistance required. Our staff also helps in the capacity building of carers, family, and other informal support givers.

Who can Access High Intensity Support?

People with a disability need support or assistance with self-care activities, given the restrictions imposed by their disability. However, for patients with an additional medical condition, high intensity daily personal activities support may be needed. These are some categories of NDIS participants who can get level 2 support in NDIS in South East Melbourne for day-to-day assistance:

  • People with diabetes

  • Those who have epilepsy and high-risk seizures

  • Patients with complex wounds

  • Those with pressure injuries

  • Need to administer subcutaneous injections

  • Complex bowel problems

  • Patients with tracheostomy/ stoma/ urinary catheter

  • Those who require ventilator support

  • If you have difficulty eating or swallowing

The high intensity support may be required by other NDIS participants when they face a challenging medical situation. If you need emergency assistance or have queries on your loved one’s NDIS funding and eligibility, reach out to us. Defined Community Care’s support staff can guide you on the process and answer your queries and doubts. They can also discuss the various funding options for the support that you are looking for.

What are the Benefits of High intensity Support?

For people with any form of physical and mental disability, getting the right support is crucial. High intensity Supports are designed to help participants get the required level of support with trained support workers and nursing staff. These are its several benefits:

  • Access to the right level of support: A person with a complicated medical history or condition requires special and continued support. Your NDIS plan helps by providing you with funds to get access to the right level of support.

  • Management of risks: High intensity supports help in risk management and risk reduction. This is an important requirement for people, who have a complicated medical condition such as dependence on a ventilator.

  • Enabling community participation: With high intensity support, individuals can engage more actively in their communities. Support workers assist individuals in participating in community activities, accessing services, and developing social connections, fostering a sense of belonging and inclusion.

  • Constant support and observation: An important part of these services is 24/7 and emergency availability of support staff. They also monitor the progress of the participant and record all vitals.

  • Trained personnel: The participant will be assigned trained and registered nurses with years of specialised training. They have the certification and skills to provide high intensity support that the NDIS participant requires for assistance with self-care activities.

Why Choose Us for High intensity Support?

Defined Community Care is one of the most respected and trusted NDIS service providers for high intensity support in South East Melbourne. We are committed to providing the best high intensity care along with other NDIS services to our participants. Our staff ensures that NDIS participants who select us get the best possible support. All our services are tailor-made and personalised to assist in line with the requirements of our clients.

With us, you get:

  • Trained and licensed staff

  • Empathetic and friendly support providers

  • Full range of nursing care services

  • Experienced nurses for critical care

  • Both in-home and in-centre nursing care

  • Person-centred approach

  • Personalised & tailor-made services

For queries or bookings, you can use our online form or call us on 0431 107 301. You can also drop us an email at info@definedcommunitycare.com.au.

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