Supported Independent Living (SIL) in Shepparton

With a focus on providing exceptional support, Defined Community Care is a renowned Supported Independent Living (SIL) provider in Shepparton. Through our SIL services, people living with disabilities can live independently while receiving the support they need. We specifically provide each participant with access to a secure and empowering living environment. Everyone, in our opinion, deserves to live with dignity in safe conditions.

Our SIL Accommodation in Shepparton Includes

Supported Independent living is at the heart of our services, it goes beyond conventional support. Whether you require short-term or medium-term accommodations, our SIL options are flexible and centred around your preferences. Our services encompass a wide range of support, including support for individuals with complex needs and behaviour management requirements. This includes personal care, meal preparation, skills training and support in accessing the community.

Additionally, we focus on enhancing daily living skills, and social integration through activities. That way, we ensure safety, security, and the implementation of behaviour support plans.

Our Flexible NDIS Respite Care Options in Shepparton

If you and your carer need an extra pair of hands and thorough support, we have options that can support you. Our NDIS medium term and short term accommodations offer an inclusive environment where participants can stay while their carers are unavailable or their accommodation is not liable. These programs provide much-needed relief to both individuals living with disabilities and their caregivers.

  • NDIS Respite Care Accommodation: This service is designed to offer short breaks to people with significant disabilities and their families. We understand the importance of taking a step back and re-energising. Therefore, our respite care accommodations are available to provide the perfect opportunity for this. We handle our participants with the same level of support and look after their overall well-being.

  • Short Term Accommodation NDIS: Our short term accommodations provide individuals with a welcoming and accessible space to stay while receiving necessary support. Whether for planned short stays or emergencies, we ensure a comfortable and caring environment.

  • Medium Term Accommodation: Our medium term accommodation is suitable for participants who are looking to move into new accommodation and need a temporary place to stay. They can stay for a longer period till they have sorted out their permanent accommodation. We offer complete support to our participants.

How Social and Community Participation Helps Develop Social Skills and Networks

Being part of social and community activities helps individuals learn important social skills. Talking with others and understanding their feelings also helps them feel better about themselves and make new friends. Moreover, they meet different kinds of people, which can lead to connecting with a bigger support group. It helps them to feel like they belong and have a purpose.

Engaging in social and community participation activities is crucial for personal growth and building meaningful connections. Defined Community Care promotes NDIS social and community participation to empower individuals living with disabilities. We help them enhance their social skills and expand their networks. Participating in these activities helps them work together as a team and get better at doing things with others.

Our NDIS programs encourage active involvement in the community. All these initiatives boost personal development, confidence, and a sense of belonging. It can teach them about different cultures and how to get along with people from different backgrounds. So, being part of our NDIS social and community participation events is like a school for learning how to talk to others, develop new interests, and feel confident.

NDIS Home Care: Personalised Support in the Comfort of Your Home

Many people opt for home care for themselves or their loved ones because it offers the comfort and familiarity of receiving the assistance they seek. This environment reduces the stress associated with moving to a new place. Home care also promotes independence, allowing individuals to maintain their daily routines, make choices about their care plans, and retain a sense of control over their lives.

For those who prefer to receive support in the comfort of their homes, we offer NDIS home care services. We understand that home is where a person feels most comfortable. Our personalised NDIS home care is designed to assist their unique needs. That way, we ensure that they receive the required assistance while maintaining their independence. We provide the support to maintain their daily routines efficiently.

How to Access High Intensity Support NDIS Services?

High intensity support by NDIS is a specialised program designed to provide intensive care and assistance to people with complex needs. This service caters to individuals who face significant challenges due to their disability. Severe physical disabilities, intellectual disabilities, autistic spectrum disorders, and complex medical illnesses are examples of such conditions. High intensity supports also aim to enhance the quality of life and independence of participants. It is done by providing a comprehensive range of services, including:

  • Personal care

  • Tracheostomy care

  • Complex bowel care

  • Assistance with daily living tasks

  • Urinary catheter care

  • PEG feeding and more

We help participants in gaining access to the level 2 High intensity support by NDIS. Accessing this support is a crucial step for people with complex needs to receive the specialised support they require. In general, for them to access level 2 High intensity support NDIS services, they’ll need to follow these key steps:

  • Assessment of Eligibility: The first step is determining the eligibility of a person. To qualify for High intensity support, individuals must have complex needs that significantly impact their daily lives.

  • NDIS Planning: If deemed eligible, participants will work with an NDIS planner to develop a personalised plan.

  • Selecting a Provider: Once the plan is approved, you can choose an NDIS-approved provider like Defined Community Care. We specialise in providing level 2 High intensity support NDIS and can assist in accessing these services.

  • Plan Implementation: With a chosen provider, the NDIS plan will be put into action.

We work closely with individuals and their families to assess their specific needs and eligibility for this intensive support. Through our expertise, we help participants navigate the NDIS system, and develop tailored support plans. Moreover, we connect them with highly trained and compassionate support staff.

Defined Community Care is your trusted NDIS partner in Shepparton. We are a registered NDIS provider, known for providing a comprehensive range of services. It includes everything from SIL to respite care, accommodations, community participation, home care, to High intensity support NDIS services. Our commitment is to empower people living with disabilities to live life to the fullest, fostering independence and building a supportive community.

Getting help is okay – we care about your health and well-being. Contact us and we will provide you with the love and support you need. Call us on 0431 107 301 email us at and talk to one of our representatives and let’s discuss how we can work together.