Supported Independent Living (SIL) Accommodation Provider in Glen Waverley

Supported Independent Living (SIL) is a program dedicated to providing support and assistance to individuals who aspire to live independently. This support is designed to assist them in acquiring the essential skills and resources for daily life management. At Defined Community Care, our SIL services promote independence, elevate the quality of life, and increase social participation for those living with disabilities.

Our team of experienced support staff works closely with participants to create customised plans tailored to their unique needs and goals. With supported independent living funding, individuals gain greater control over their lives. They have the freedom to choose where they want to live while receiving support when needed. Our SIL program encompasses a wide range of support services, including:

  • 24/7 Assistance

  • Personal Care

  • Medication Management

  • Meal Preparation

  • Daily Living Skills

  • Household Chores

  • Social Skills Development

  • Group Activities

  • Safety and Security Support

  • Behaviour Support

  • Social Activity Planning

  • Public Transport Assistance

  • Financial Management

  • Household Schedule Coordination

Accessing Respite Care Services in Glen Waverley

Whether it’s respite care, short-term accommodation, or medium-term housing, we offer suitable housing services that cater to specific needs. At Defined Community Care, our commitment is to provide clear, accessible housing options in Glen Waverley. We aim to simplify the process of accessing housing services. This ensures that individuals with diverse preferences can readily find the support they seek.

  • NDIS Respite Care Accommodation: Our NDIS respite care accommodation services are crafted to provide the support you need when the primary caregiver is taking a break. Our approach to respite care accommodation, under the NDIS scheme, is designed for practicality and professionalism. We ensure that participants receive the NDIS respite care they require without excessive language or exaggerated claims.

  • Short Term Accommodation NDIS: For those seeking short term accommodation under the NDIS, our services are tailored to be both flexible and supportive. Short-term accommodation NDIS is crucial for individuals who need temporary support without long-term commitments. Whether they want a brief respite or a transitional stay, our facilities cater to diverse needs. Our short-term accommodation NDIS facilities are thoughtfully designed and compassionate staff strives to create an inclusive environment for all guests.

  • Medium Term Accommodation: Our medium-term accommodation options provide individuals with the opportunity for a more extended stay while still maintaining flexibility. With our medium-term accommodation services, we offer the right balance between support and independence. We are here to provide a comfortable and secure environment for those seeking a more extended respite period.

Participating in NDIS Social and Community Participation in Glen Waverley

NDIS Social and Community Participation means ensuring that individuals living with disabilities can actively engage in their communities. It’s about fostering connections, personal growth, and a sense of belonging. This participation enhances social inclusion, quality of life, and overall well-being. At Defined Community Care, we’re deeply committed to improving the lives of participants through NDIS social and community participation services. That way, we aim to create a sense of community, empower, and promote inclusivity.

NDIS includes two categories for community participation:

  • Core Supports: These help with everyday community activities, promoting social inclusion.

  • Capacity Building Supports: Focus on skill development and independence for active community engagement.

Engaging in NDIS social and community participation activities offers numerous advantages, such as –

  • Social Inclusion: It promotes meaningful connections, allowing individuals to build relationships and feel more connected within their communities.

  • Quality of Life: Community participation boosts personal growth, skill development, and a sense of achievement, enhancing the overall quality of life.

  • Belonging: Participation creates a strong sense of belonging, helping individuals feel valued and integrated into their communities.

  • Independence: It empowers a person to make choices about how they engage in community activities which leads to independence and self-determination.

  • Skill Development: Community activities provide opportunities for learning and skill development. This is important for enhancing individuals’ abilities and confidence.

  • Well-Being: Active community engagement contributes to improved mental and emotional well-being, reducing feelings of isolation.

  • Personal Fulfilment: Achieving goals and participating in activities that bring joy enrich one’s life on a personal level.

How to Access NDIS Home Care Services in Glen Waverley?

If you’re seeking NDIS home care services in Glen Waverley, the process is designed to be straightforward and tailored to your needs. Here’s how to access these essential services:

  • Contact Your NDIS Plan Manager: To initiate the process of NDIS home care, reach out to your NDIS plan manager. They are your first point of contact and will work closely with you to know your preferences and the support you require.

  • Assessment: Upon submitting your NDIS application, you will undergo an assessment by the NDIA (National Disability Insurance Agency) to determine your specific support needs. This assessment may involve interviews, reviews of relevant documentation, and input from healthcare professionals.

  • Developing Your NDIS Plan: Based on the assessment results, an NDIS planner will work closely with you to develop your NDIS plan. This might include your community participation goals and funding allocation.

  • Approval and Funding: Once your NDIS home care plan is developed, it will be submitted for approval. Upon approval, you will receive a copy of your plan, including the allocated funding for community participation.

Eligibility for High Intensity Supports NDIS Care in Glen Waverley

High intensity support is required when an individual needs a registered nurse to delegate tasks across four or more disability-related health support areas. These encompass a range of vital aspects, such as epilepsy support, wound and pressure care, nutrition support, and diabetes management support. It is essential to understand the criteria for eligibility when it comes to High intensity support under the NDIS, including level 2 High intensity support in NDIS. Here are the key points to consider:

  • Permanent and Significant Disability: To be eligible for High intensity support in NDIS care, you must have a permanent and significant disability. This means that your disability is enduring and has a substantial impact on your daily life and functioning.

  • Demonstrated Need for High intensity Supports: It is crucial to demonstrate a clear and assessed need for High intensity support in This involves showcasing that you require a higher level of assistance and care due to the severity of your disability-related challenges.

  • NDIS Plan Assessment: Eligibility for level 3 and level 2 High intensity support NDIS typically involves undergoing a comprehensive assessment for your NDIS plan development. This assessment evaluates your specific support needs, including the level of assistance required to meet those needs.

  • Supporting Documentation: Supporting documentation from healthcare professionals and specialists may be necessary to substantiate your eligibility for level 2 High intensity support NDIS. These documents provide evidence of the permanent and significant nature of your disability and the need for intensive care.

  • NDIS Plan Approval: Once your eligibility is confirmed and your NDIS plan is approved, it will include funding allocations specifically designated for level 3 and level 2 High intensity support NDIS. This funding is intended to ensure that you receive the necessary care and assistance to address the challenges associated with your disability.

At Defined Community Care in Glen Waverley, we understand the importance of High intensity support NDIS care for individuals with complex disabilities. We are dedicated to assisting eligible individuals to lead fulfilling and independent lives. With our person-centred approach, we prioritise their goals and preferences, empowering them to actively participate in decision-making processes.

Call us on 0431 107 301 or email us at Our experienced team can guide you through the process, from assessing eligibility to implementing the necessary supports outlined in your NDIS plan.