NDIS Medium Term Accommodation (MTA) in South East Melbourne

Are you looking for medium-term accommodation in South East Melbourne? MTA is a great option for those NDIS participants who are waiting for a permanent house and need a housing solution. As one of the leading NDIS medium-term accommodation providers, Defined Community Care has several properties around the city, where you can live for up to 90 days. Get round-the-clock support and assistance from trained and professional care providers.

What is Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)?

MTA is an NDIS-funded service where supported accommodation is offered for people living with disabilities who are covered by NDIS. It allows extended stays at the various properties maintained by NDIS-registered service providers. The medium-term accommodation is under the “core support category” of the NDIS plan. This provides a safe and comfortable place or housing solution for people living with a disability. The participants can move on to their homes after their stay at the MTA property.

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation

NDIS Medium Term Accommodation: How Does It Work?

Here at Defined Community Care, one of the most trusted NDIS medium-term accommodation providers, the entire process of NDIS MTA is simple and stress-free. Here is how it works:

  • Check the various MTA properties: You can look for vacancies at the various properties, where we offer MTA. Select a property that you like and find suitable for your stay.

  • Contact our team: Reach out to our team through phone, email, or online form to confirm details of the property. You can book an inspection tour of the same with our staff.

  • Visit/inspect the property: You and your carer can come and inspect the property at the designated time. Our support staff will be at hand for the tour and to answer any queries that you may have.

  • Move into your temporary home: After you have decided and selected the property, we complete the required process and you can move into the property.

Benefits of Medium Term Accommodation

MTA NDIS helps a person with a disability live comfortably in a well-attended residence. However, it is much more than just a place to stay. There are several benefits that you can enjoy and skills you can learn while at our MTA. Here are some of them:

  • Support in transition phase: Medium term accommodation provides you with much-needed support in the various life stages with trained professionals. You can learn to adjust to the changes happening in your life and re-positing yourself to achieve your goals. This is also a great opportunity to develop an optimistic outlook towards the changes.

  • Respite and break: If you or your carer needs respite, then MTA can prove to be quite beneficial. The change of scene and surroundings breaks the monotony of the routine and helps you recharge. All your requirements are met by trained caregivers who allow you to relax in a safe and serene environment.

  • Learning new skills: MTA NDIS allows you to learn various life skills. Get expert help in learning the things you love or need the most. From cooking, and self-care to pursuing your hobbies in music or sports – MTA at our centre opens the way for new learnings. Everything is done in line with your plan, its goals and your interests.

  • Social interactions: Learn and interact with people from different walks of life. MTA is also a chance to increase your interaction with the community. This gives a boost to the self-confidence of the participants and creates a solid or dependable support system for them.

  • High support: All NDIS participants living at any of our centres get the required support from certified professionals. MTA is ideal for people with high support needs due to their medical condition or disability. The support service includes therapy sessions, assistance with medicines, and various daily activities.

Medium Term Accommodation Funding

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) provides funding for medium term accommodation to eligible participants. If you are an NDIS participant, you will need to check if you have a budget allocation for MTA in your plan. Your assessed needs and goals at the time of plan preparation affect the amount of funding.

MTA funding is typically provided for up to 90 days, but in certain circumstances, it can be extended beyond this period. If participants need to stay longer, they should discuss it with the NDIS. Funding for MTA covers only the accommodation costs during the stay. It does not include day-to-day living expenses like food, internet, or electricity. Personal care support and other supports received at home are funded separately.

If you are not sure about your eligibility, funding, or allocation, we can help. You can reach out to our NDIS plan management team for assistance on every aspect of MTA funding. There are several requirements to qualify for funding for MTA through the NDIS, such as:

  • Significant or Permanent Disability: To be eligible, the participant must have a significant or permanent disability. The disability should be affecting the ability of the participant to take care of everyday activities. There should also be an identified need for substantial support for a significant period.

  • Age criteria: The person must be between 7-65 years of age. If you are above 65, then you may be eligible for other funding for MTA.

  • Citizenship criteria: The MTA funding under NDIS is available only to an Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or someone holding a protected special category visa.

  • No other funding: You should not be taking benefit of any other type of government funding program that covers MTA.

Why Choose Us for Medium Term Accommodation (MTA)?

Defined Community Care is the trusted name when comes to medium-term accommodation. We are proud to serve the community in South East Melbourne. As a person-centric organisation, we always put the requirements of the people we serve above everything else.

Our team has compassionate staff members who have gone through multiple trainings and are certified professionals. We understand that every individual is unique and need tailor-made services according to his or her requirement. We go through your medical records and your NDIS plan and listen to your needs.

With us, you get:

  • Multiple MTA options

  • Experienced care providers

  • Personalised services

  • Safe environment

  • Trained and compassionate staff

  • Support network

  • NDIS-compliant pricing

You can use our online form to contact us on 0431 107 301 or email us at info@definedcommunitycare.com.au and we’ll be happy to assist you.


These are the eligibility conditions for medium-term accommodation under NDIS:

  • A person with a significant and permanent disability
  • Participants of NDIS
  • Australian citizen, a permanent resident, or a protected special category visa holder
  • Aged between 7 to 65 years
  • Not using any other similar government-funded scheme

The various supports that we provide with medium-term accommodation are:

  • Clean and well-attended rooms
  • 24/7 assistance from our support staff
  • Personal care (showering, combing, eating, drinking, bowel assistance)
  • Assisted transport and travel
  • Medication assistance
  • Life skills development
  • Cultural and fun activities

The individuals can stay in medium-term accommodation for up to 90 days. To check options for a longer stay, reach out to our team at info@definedcommunitycare.com.au or call 0431 107 301.

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