NDIS Self-Funded Care in South East Melbourne

Self-funded NDIS care is an innovative and personalised approach that empowers individuals to take charge of their well-being. As a result, it leads to greater independence and enhanced quality of life. Participants who are managing their funds and need support services in South East Melbourne can always depend on Defined Community Care.

  • What is Self-funded care?

    Self-management care refers to the innovative approach of directly managing your finances. It gives individuals the power to choose and tailor their support according to their unique needs and preferences.

  • Who is eligible for Self-funded care?

    The beauty of self-funding support lies in its inclusivity. It is available to all NDIS participants who wish to make their choice of service, as long as they are able to make decisions for their wellbeing and do not put themselves at risk.

NDIS Self Funded Care
  • How does Self-funded care work?

    This type of support revolves around the direct engagement between individuals and care providers. Individuals can directly engage with care providers of their choice and pick from a range of support services that cater to their needs. Each support is designed to enhance the quality of life and foster independence. By taking control of these aspects, participants can choose the type of assistance they need, the timing of services, and the areas they wish to focus on.

Benefits of Self-Funded Care

The advantages of self-funded care are undeniable and far-reaching. The flexibility they offer is just a start. Other important benefits they provide include:

  • Value for money services

    With self-managed care, the participant has the ability to negotiate with the care provider and get the best value for their money while using the remaining amount to access more services.

  • Increased Independence

    Self-funding for disability services allows participants to choose the level of assistance they need from their choice of care provider and invest the funding they receive wisely.

  • Increased Quality of Life

    Ultimately, self-funding support enhances the quality of life for those receiving the services. It enables individuals to lead fulfilling lives with the right level of assistance, helping them stay engaged in their passions and interests.

Services Offered in Self-Funded NDIS Care

Some of the services you can access with your funds are:

  • Personal Care: Assistance with activities of daily living such as bathing, dressing, and grooming.

  • Domestic Assistance: From household chores to managing daily tasks, domestic assistance ensures your living environment remains comfortable and conducive to your needs.

  • Home Modifications: Adapt your living space to align with your requirements. Self-funded home modification support creates an accessible and safe haven that caters to your unique mobility needs.

  • Community Support: Engagement in social activities and community events that align with your interests and goals. Community support promotes a sense of belonging.

  • Respite Care: Respite care offers temporary relief to primary caregivers, allowing them to recharge and take a break.

Accessing Self-Funded NDIS Community Support Services

If you are interested in self-funding disability services for you or your loved one, it is very easy to get started. All you have to do is reach out to your Local Area Coordinator (LAC) or NDIA planner for guidance. Our support team is always available to help with your queries or concerns if you have any. You can also visit the NDIS Quality and Safeguards Commission website to learn more.

At Defined Community Care, our Self-funded care offers tailor-made solutions that match your budget and circumstances. Whether you need short-term or long-term support in South East Melbourne, we are here to help. Our community care that is funded by individuals isn’t just a standalone option—it can seamlessly complement existing NDIS support services as well. This versatility allows participants to enhance their support experience by supplementing it with the best resources. If you require more details, call us on 0431 107 301 or drop us an email at info@definedcommunitycare.com.au.

With self-funded care, the NDIS provides the funds directly to the participant and they have the flexibility to manage the funds depending on their needs. In plan-managed care, the NDIA provides funding to hire a Plan Manager, who will organise the finances and work with the participant to choose the best services for them.

Self-funded care does not require any investment from the participants as the funding is still provided by the NDIA. It just gives more flexibility to choose the services they want from the provider they prefer. The personalised nature of the services often leads to better health outcomes and improved quality of life. If you have any questions, the Defined Community Care team is always ready to help you out.

To embark on your self-funded care journey, simply reach out to us—your partner in personalised care solutions. Our team will take care of all the details to ensure you have a seamless experience.

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